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Ave Company Profile

AVE Company Profile
Technology and Design

AVE develops solutions for the electrical system and home automazioni sectors, combining design and technology to guarantee the highest standards of system reliability and flexibility.

Poster DOMUS 100 - Illumina il tuo stile

Poster DOMUS 100
Light up your style

Through a contemporary and elegant design, Domus 100 Series fits perfectly in any environment with simplicity and style thanks to its refined white tone.

Poster TEKLA 44 - Una sola serie, ad ognuno il suo stile

Poster TEKLA 44
Only one series, everybody finds his style

The opaque technopolymer of TEKLA 44 series elements fits with discretion in every interior, thanks to the exclusive softness of its dark tone.

Brochure New Style & England Style

Brochure New Style & England Style
Light up your style

AVE meets the needs of the most demanding customers. The "retro" collections retrieve the ON/OF toggle system, making it topical again: three different proposals to light up your style.

Catalogo Young Touch

Catalogue YOUNG TOUCH 2016
the world at yourfingertips

Made of high quality polymer, Young Touch features a very affordable price and a complete range of innovative ultra-slim front plates with unique three-dimensional effects.

Catalogo Allumia Touch 2016

Discover the range and functions of the ALLUMIA series

Find out about the new Allumia Wiring Accessories from AVE. Innovative materials, quality finishes, technological innovation and unique design. Wake up your senses with Ave, exciting technology has arrived.

Catalogo LIFE TOUCH 2016

Catalogue LIFE TOUCH 2016
discover the range and functions of the LIFE series

Find out about the LIFE TOUCH Wiring Accessories from Ave. Just a touch will convince you that all the rest is left behind, forgotten, superseded. Ave Touch is the incredible glass range with touch screen which transforms the electrical system into a part of the furnishing.

Catalogo Ventilazione 2016

Ventilation Catalogue
DomusAir 2016

It is available the new Catalogue 2016 dedicated to DomusAir, Ave’s brand for residential and industrial ventilation.

Brochure comando multi touch

Brochure Modular control
customizable device

A new modular multi-touch control (up to six independent controls), which can be customized by the user is now available in the Ave Touch system.

Catalogo Design e Referenze AVE 2016

Catalogue Design and References
AVE 2016

See all the details of AVE design, from the technology to the materials. AVE produces the catalogue for presentation of the wiring accessories to architects, specifiers and designers.

Catalogo ECO AVE

Catalogue ECO AVE
See the Eco-electrical system of Ave

Construct buildings, install and control systems in an environmentally friendly way with “green” solutions is no longer only a challenge but also a common objective. Ave presents the Eco-electrical system.

Catalogo lancio e presentazione nuova serie civile ALLUMIA – 2012

Catalogue for launching and presentation of the new
ALLUMIA Wiring Accessories – 2012

See the result of a dream pursued with great passion, a dream called Allumia. Allumia represents a new way of understanding light.
The first catalogue presenting the Allumia Wiring Accessories from Ave.

Depliant DOMINA Hotel 2019

Catalogue HOTEL DOMOTICS – Domina Hotel
Advanced systems for hotels

Ave introduces Domina Hotel. The evolved system for hotels and hotel buildings. Find out more about AVE domotics applied to the needs of hotels for the best in comfort, design and technology.

Presentazione, prodotti e funzionalità delle Serie Civili Sistema 44 di AVE

Presentation, products and functions of the
System 44 Wiring Accessories from AVE

See the Systema 44 Wiring Accessories with touch and traditional technology. Domus and LIFE Touch: the wiring accessories with touch screen controls which transforms the electrical system into a part of the furnishing.


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