B&B La Contessa Lattarico (CS)

About This Project

Luxurious with its architectural promenade by the swimming pool, Hotel Contessa has decided to present highly sophisticated and refined interiors that mirror the sumptuous exterior. To access the rooms, this hotel integrates the cutting edge Vip System Touch devices, modern customised transponder readers with room number and hotel logo for clients to access their rooms easily by touching the reader’s surface with their guest card. The style of these technological devices has also been adopted in the rest of the facility. The clear absolute black Vera and Personal front plates that cover the elements of AVE’s Wiring Accessories Series LIFE 44 blend naturally with the refined wood and porous stone that harmoniously line the walls. AVE has turned every visible component of the electrical system into a precious furnishing element. Hotel Contessa has chosen a precious solution with meticulously studied details to offer a service that meets the standards of the most demanding clients.