Apartment in Madesimo (SO)

About This Project

With AVE every room can be moulded to meet your needs. This apartment in Madesimo is an example of the innovative conception of home. Designed for those who will never renounce any comfort, this residence exploits AVE’s DOMINA plus automation to easily adapt to every need. Every detail of this house can be controlled through the modern Touch Screen display that acts as an advanced home automation supervisor.  With the convenient application DOMINA plus CONTROLLER for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, the house can be controlled even from remote by setting the desired temperature before returning to the house or, with a simple gesture to switch off all the lights and disconnect water and gas utilities to leave the house completely safe. AVE is also the byword for design. The owners of the apartment in Madesimo have integrated the convenient clear white AVE Touch front plates, technological jewels that merge into the walls creating a refined atmosphere and establishing new control points for advanced home automation functions. With AVE and its cutting edge DOMINA plus system, your house can be even more comfortable and optimised, like the apartment in Madesimo.