Rinaldi Wine Cellars

About This Project

Italy is the land of scholars, art, culture and good cuisine. Rinaldi Wine Cellars are the expression of this paradigm, a place to explore the pleasures of taste by savouring an Italian excellence that intoxicates the mind and preserves the spirit. To offer clients a setting that mirrors the fame of its wines, Rinaldi Wine Cellars have ensured that these spaces are equally unique. The Wiring Accessories Series Domus 44 by AVE, which is also the legacy of the Bel Paese, merges with the walls surrounded by the elegant clear white Vera front plates. Even AVE home automation step into these premises. The highly advanced DOMINA plus system allows the owner to supervise and control every detail of each room. From temperature to humidity level, you can create the conditions that best enhance the pleasure of savouring this precious Italian treasure. AVE controls, and the modern home automation Touch Screens, become the control and contact points with these environments. They allow to adjust temperature and manage lighting with a mere gesture. Rinaldi Wine Cellars are the modern face of Italy focused on innovation, a place where tradition encounters modernity. Everything is strictly “Made in Italy”.