AVE home automation for a new quality of life

AVE home automation for a new quality of life

AVE home automation for a new quality of life

Surrounded by green, in a strategic position connected to the center of Milan, the Residenze dell’Olimpo make use of AVE home automation to bring to the fore a new concept of comfort, sustainability and quality of life. They are self-sufficient and 100% green homes, with zero Co2 emissions, with anti-seismic structure, equipped with modern alarm systems, photovoltaic systems with storage batteries and doors with biometric fingerprint reader. In this context, AVE technology becomes the beating heart of living, offering a highly advanced control and management system, which allows owners to remain connected to their homes at all times.


AVE home automation switches


In fact, with AVE DOMINA Smart IoT we can talk about a customized home automation: where man is at the center of living. Thanks to the AVE Cloud app, it’s possible to manage each function integrated into the system, control the lights, adjust the temperature, recall a scenario or an automation. In other words, you can have total control of the house. Being compatible with the most popular voice assistants on the market (and related apps and smart speakers), AVE home automation allows you to call up the various automations also via voice commands, so you can enjoy your home in complete freedom.


AVE automation for Smart Home


AVE DOMINA Smart IoT è il sistema domotico ideale per abitazioni di nuova generazione. Le Residenze dell’Olimpo di Milano ne sono l’esempio. Ogni ambiente può integrare tantissime soluzioni pensate per aumentare il comfort, la sicurezza e la qualità della vita. Si tratta di una domotica altamente personalizzabile e conformabile ad ogni richiesta, avvalorata dai design AVE e da una tecnologia all’avanguardia, sempre pronta ad andare incontro ad ogni esigenza: una domotica a misura d’uomo.


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