Hotel Boscolo

About This Project

Both in the common rooms and in the suites, the leitmotiv of Hotel Boscolo is always the same: to amaze guests. AVE’s large selection of proposals for the hotel sector and the high degree of integration of items in its Residential Series has led to the creation of unique spaces in this facility, even in terms of lighting engineering. Hotel Boscolo is a refined place, and staying here means experiencing and observing the spaces. Studied by AVE to stylishly adapt to such settings, trasponder card readers, like environmental thermostats, are details that anchor spaces to the practical comfort of the hotel. Every room follows a specific theme, and thus plays with the elements that form it to create a powerful and special personality. The pure elegant design of the clear white Personal front plates in the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44 keeps every room open to the overall design by merging with chrome finishes, with the bright grain of tiles and through reflecting surfaces. Even elements that form the Wiring Accessories Series LIFE 44 perfectly merge into this hotel, strictly surrounded by clear absolute black Personal front plates. Both power outlets and control points are thus instantly recognised by users, enhancing Hotel Boscolo with the exclusive traits of every detail.