Apartment in Villafranca (VR)

About This Project

AVE is a choice of style. The apartment in Villafranca, Verona, is an example of how AVE endows every place with unique beauty. The apartment in Villafranca has been designed and built to meet the contemporary needs of its inhabitants. AVE home automation are integrated into this context to restore practical comfort. Indeed, the elegant DOMINA plus Touch Screen display makes it very easy to manage the house: one single control point offers endless options to control temperature, adjust ventilation, switch on the lights or establish, through the Scenarios function, the ideal climate for every occasion. Comprising large open spaces with intersecting rooms, this apartment is a carefully and consistently studied project in which design is the characterising trait of the rooms. Studied to the last detail, the house in Verona becomes the tout court stereotype of accommodation where customisation challenges styles by converging modern furniture and restored furnishings. Hence, the Wiring Accessories Series ALLUMIA 44 combined with frosted silvery grey Vera front plates perfectly blends with the precious materials used inside the residence, conveying a personal touch of sophistication without renouncing the practical features of the white glass AVE Touch front plates that control the avant-garde functions of the home automation system.