New Air Touch is an elegant solution for Tubò

New Air Touch is an elegant solution for Tubò

It's called New Air Touch the innovative and elegant plate dedicated to the centralized vacuum cleaning system Tubò. Perfectly coordinated to Ave “Sistema 44”, New Air Touch is an absolute novelty on the market: a sophisticated retractable system that is able to "slide" on the socket installed on a special Ave Touch crystal plate. You simply slide up the refined Ave Touch plate to insert the tube into the hollow.

Born thanks to an agreement between Ave and Aertecnica, who is a company specialized in centralized vacuum cleaning systems with the brand Tubò, New Air Touch is able to enrich this kind of system with a new elegant light. From the back of the plate, in fact, a soft LED light reveals the shining symbol of the vacuum cleaning making it recognizable even in the dark.

New Air Touch (grip frame, support and plate) is available through Aertecnica’s dealers in five different colours: Absolute Black, Clear White, Silver Grey, Water Green and Pompeian red.

Ave and Aertecnica have managed to develop a product that excels in design, technology and safety standards, that are guaranteed by the experience and professionalism of two leading Companies.