Manage your shutters with style

Manage your shutters with style

Thanks to Ave you can simply tap or touch a plate to easily manage and automatically control your shutters. The innovative modular retractable Ave Touch system has a new feature designed to manage the shutters: a solution that simplifies the control operations and allows to embellish environments through the unmistakable elegance of a crystal plate.

To make more exclusive your environments, you can install this device completely wall-lined. Through a special recessed box, that belongs to the innovative Ave Sistema 44, the plate is able to adapt to the walls as a real design object making exclusive and unique the atmospheare of the environments.

The command symbols are immediately recognizable even in the dark thanks to a delicate blue LED with low consumption that make this solution more elegant, while the knurled surface of the plate indicates to the finger the point to touch and a slight "tick" sound confirms every movement.

There are two operation modalities: being provided with 2 relay outputs (to control the ascent and the descent), this device can be set on monostable operation (where the user must keep the finger in the proximity of the control point until the shutter stop) or on timed operation (allowing activation with a simple touch). Through the presence of a memory that is able to "remember" the last performed movement, in case of network interruption, each subsequent command leads the movement of the roller shutter in the opposite direction.

Technology, design and a perfect integration with the Ave Sistema 44 wiring accessories series make the command dedicated to the management of the shutters a device that is able to ensure high standards of safety, comfort and style. A solution to make unique your apartment with an elegant exclusivity signed by Ave.