FLOo: the quiet elegant fans

FLOo: the quiet elegant fans

Thanks to a modern and refined design the line of FLOo fans is easily adaptable to any context of forniture and fits harmoniously every environment. Made in high quality recyclable plastic, that is resistant to impact and UV rays, in the colour white RAL 9010, FLOo centrifugal fans includes innovative, functional products that are made with advanced technology and guarantee maximum performance, easy installation and use, silent function and energy savings.

Taking up the same lines of DOMUS AIR, the Ave reference brand for residential and industrial ventilation to which it belongs, the range of FLOO fans is characterized by strong power. Being designed to counteract the counter pressure generated by long ducts, these devices allow you to manage air exchange in small and medium-sized rooms assuring the highest comfort and well-being by eliminating pollutants and odours.

They can be wall or ceiling mounted, on the surface or recessed. FLOo is available with an outlet sleeve of Ø 80mm or Ø 100mm, in three different revisions: the base one, where the fan is turned on with the ON/OFF switch or the light switch; the version with a timer (with a shut-down delay) where the fan is equipped with a circuit timer - adjustable from about 1 to 25 minutes - that keeps the fan on even after it’s turned off, for a preset time; and finally that one with hygrostat and timer, where the fan has a probe that detects humidity and an adjustable time that can be regulated from 1 to about 25 minutes. In this version, when the probe detects a percentage of humidity higher or lower than the threshold, the fan starts or, vice versa, turns off automatically. The timer allows the fan to function after switching off for the preset length of time.

The tapered lines of the internal grid and the centrifugal fan with blades curved forward help increase the product’s efficiency and create less friction in the air flow, ensuring the maximum acoustic comfort. The two-speed motor mounted on ball bearings also allows a long product life (Long Life – over 30,000 hours) and the capacity to function even in areas with a cold climate. A polypropylene filter fixed to the internal grid protects the motor and fan from dust, while the double insulation of the product ensures maximum electrical safety for the user.

With FLOo Ave has managed to propose a line of elegant and high quality devices that, thanks to their modern design and technological solutions, are able to guarantee maximum hush and to adapt to every furnishing context.