Allumia Touch: elegance and technology in one touch

Allumia Touch: elegance and technology in one touch

In order to meet the needs of customers who want to dress their environments with an exclusive refined athmosphere, Ave has managed to propose Allumia Touch, the revolutionary range of products made of brushed anodized aluminum that reinterprets the advanced modular retractable Ave Touch system inheriting its touch technology. With a distinctly contemporary style Ave Touch is able to adapt to the walls like a real piece of forniture.

Taking advantage of special recessed boxes patented by Ave, it’s in fact possible to install Allumia Touch plates with a "wall-lined" final effect, where plate is surrounded by a little paintable frame or with a "completely wall-lined" final effect integrating plate to the wall without the adapter frame.

Allumia Touch light control plate has a black horizontal strip who reveals a delicate light blue LED, that is instantly recognizable even in the dark. A slight depression on the plate surface allows you to locate the exact point of command, while a slight "tick sound" confirms each time the switching on and off. A very innovative solution is offer by the sliding plate, where the aluminum plate covers the outlets ensuring greater safety and an unique elegance.

To increase the prestige of your electric system, the Allumia Touch line has also a doorbell, which marks the access in an exclusive environment, a wide range of auxiliary signals (output, no smoking, information, direction, etc.) particularly useful in public and a new version of control for disabled people, that is customizable with writtens and symbols reproduced indelibly on the surface of the aluminum plate and whose command (light, alarm, siren etc...) is activated by touching anywhere on the the plate surface.

Allumia Touch controls are also available for home automation system through the sophisticated Video-doorphone and the elegant touch screen DOMINAplus: a guarantee for the security and enhancement of the environment. Allumia Touch is finally applied in the management of hotels through the Domina Hotel automation system, which is based on innovative technology and integration with Ave’s wiring accessories series.

In addition to technology with touch commands Ave Touch, the Allumia series includes a complete range of traditional switches, scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint ones, with gray/shiny silver colour obtained by means of surface coating, and different types of plates in different materials perfectly coordinated with each other. Flexible and fully scalable, Allumia is therefore able to satisfy many needs, offering the possibility to choose from a "prestigious" plate in aluminum, a metal plate and cheaper polymer plate that can also be replaced after the laying of the electrical system thanks to the standard installation support.

Unique design and cutting edge technology are the characteristics of this innovative product line. The perfect solution for those are looking for an unique and exclusive atmosphere.