Ave Touch glass commands inside the Ristorante 1994

Ave Touch glass commands inside the Ristorante 1994

Ave Touch glass commands inside the Ristorante 1994

The prestigious Ristorante 1994 of Padua has chosen Ave Touch commands to make its location even more exclusive. The Vera Touch glass front plates introduce the touch technology in the refined environments of this restaurant, crowning the careful lighting design project.

Characterized by a unique minimalism, Vera Touch solutions inaugurate a new contact with lighting, embellishing the structure with classy details. Thanks to Ave Touch system, it’s enough a tap on front plates’ surfaces to control light and connected devices. The eye-catching blue LEDs, that shines from plates’ rear, identifies the exact point to touch, ensuring full recognition of the commands even when the atmosphere is suffused.


Ristorante 1994 Vera Touch


Declined in a frosted silver grey finish, Vera Touch glass front plates enhance the touch functions with a high-level look. The switch disappears, hidden behind ultra-thin glass plates. In this way, the light points become integrated furnishing elements among the walls, making daily touch technology inside the Ristorante 1994 of Padua.


Ristorante 1994 Domus 100


The structure also adopted traditional switches of AVE Domus 100 wiring accessories series, matched with the rationality of Moulded 44 front plates.

Elegant, distinctive, practical and functional. AVE's touch technology offers always different design options, such as those chosen by the prestigious Ristorante 1994, a restaurant that boasts a refined classy location thanks to AVE.