Villa Scalea

About This Project

AVE’s technology and design enhance houses with an entirely innovative and modern appearance. Situated in the midst of vegetation, Villa Scalea defines new standards in terms of comfort and safety. Indeed, this luxury residence adopts AVE’s sophisticated DOMINA plus home automation system to easily supervise both outdoor and indoor areas. Owners can use the convenient elegant Touch Screen display to manage every room and area merely with a gesture. As we can notice inside this residential villa, AVE is a precious solution also in terms of aesthetics. The finishing frames of the cutting-edge Touch Screen have the same clear white hue of Vera front plates and of the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS, thus creating a house that is totally shaped to meet your needs. The linear shapes of DOMUS elements perfectly merge into the basic lines of this villa’s furnishings, and also into the vintage sinuous traits of the 1950s’ style domestic appliances. A refined touch that neglects no details.