Villa San Lazzaro

About This Project

The extensive range of AVE products allows to always find the best solution for every need, even when it comes to renovations. This is the case of the residential villa situated in the Municipality of San Lazzaro di Sàvena, Bologna. The outcome of a carefully implemented recent renovation studied to avoid disrupting the heart of this facility, the villa in San Lazzaro presents minimalist modern interior furnishings, masterly combined with brick and stone that have been left visible as insights into the past. The architect who carried out the renovations ensured a gentle transition to modern solutions. Installation of the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44 and ALLUMIA 44 by AVE thus become the elements that accompany, not just metaphorically, the transition to the present. Alternated to suit the rooms, AVE Touch and Vera front plates perfectly merge with the ancient image of the villa, alongside bronze chandeliers and the pale parquet floor to underscore the warm atmosphere of the site. The extensive catalogue of “made in AVE” products provides a solution for each space. Hence, as in this case, renovation works are a simple matter to be left to taste and to the personal aspects of customisation.