Skyline Tower

About This Project

Skyline Tower stands in one of the main streets of Cosenza, a residential skyscraper that integrates avant-garde solutions to offer its inhabitants only the best. Focused on complying with the highest energy standards, Skyline Tower has chosen AVE. AVE’s DOMINA plus home automation merge into this structure to ensure efficiency, energy saving, comfort and quality for residents. Users can use the Touch Screen to directly control their apartment independently, manage every room in their house and avoid pointless energy wastage. Through Ave Touch controls in the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44 residents can switch on the light and use various home automation functions with a completely innovative and casual contact. The clear white Vera front plates complete the rest of the system, enhancing every room with modern and functional features. Ave technology ensures that convenience and design, comfort and energy efficiency are guaranteed at the Skyline Tower.