Hotel Villa Flori

About This Project

For those who are seeking a place to relax, lulled by the view of Lake Como, Hotel Villa Flori is a classical facility that offers its guests only the very best. Technology integrated by the hotel management software DOMINA Hotel enhances comfort, safety and services for clients, while also reducing energy wastage often caused by distracted guests. Every hall and room are supervised and managed from remote, directly from the PC at the reception. Hotel owners can exploit the user-friendly screens of this software, to set the temperature, adjust lighting and manage air conditioning systems in each room. With sophisticated room readers customised with the hotel’s logo and the room number, DOMINA Hotel also enables hotel owners to always know whether the guest is in the facility, and to disconnect the devices connected to his room during his absence. This prevents any short circuits while also avoiding pointless energy wastage; hence, it is economical. Besides technology, AVE also stands out for design. Hence, all elements in the Wiring Accessories Series DOMUS 44 feature “elegance” with the clear white Vera front plates and the white Moulded front plates that surround every switch and power outlet. A precious solution for a high-class hotel.