Apartment in Bagnatica

About This Project

AVE is the byword for uncompromised style, and the apartment in Bagnatica is such an example. The result of impressive architectural work, this residence features linear environments and furnishings. Ave Touch solutions were the most appropriate choice to make these spaces unique. Indeed, the technology that underpins these devices establishes a completely new contact with the house, which it enhances with a modern and confidential personality. The clear black front plates allow to control devices connected to the system merely with a touch. They merge into the wall as refined furnishing elements. AVE home automation has also been integrated into this apartment. The cutting-edge home automation system DOMINA plus allows to manage each room independently from the others. Every room can have the desired settings by modifying temperature, sound and lights. Vera front plates that match the Wiring Accessories Series LIFE 44 complete the rest of the electrical system by surrounding elements, such as the ambient thermostat and power outlets, with both home automation and Ave Touch elements in a streamlined manner.