Toggle switches AVE England Style: the classic becomes eternal

Toggle switches AVE England Style: the classic becomes eternal

Toggle switches AVE England Style: the classic becomes eternal

The AVE England Style 44 toggle switches collection was created to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Ideal for classic environments, this series recovers ON/OF toggle system, so popular in the past, giving it a new, elegant, sophisticated and exclusive meaning. A contemporary reinterpretation with a retro feel. Hidden behind the controls is indeed the best of the AVE technology: electric diverters, buttons, rolling blind switches and switches with illuminated feedback status.



Available also in traditional version, that involves the insertion of the components inside the finishing frames, England Style 44 is aimed at those who appreciate the material quality and are looking for a noble detail to customize their interiors. England Style 44 combines perfectly with classical ambiences and vintage furnishings: it’s the ideal solution for renovations. The true brass toggles are embedded in natural walnut wood surfaces; the AVE logo becomes the signature to find in the past a priceless treasure.

England Style 44 collections is available for both round and rectangular flush mounted boxes and meet the needs of the wider international market. England & New Style 44 front plates can integrate - in addition to the commands - also white shuko sockets of DOMUS series and opaque black ones of TEKLA 44, the newest AVE wiring accessories series. You can complete retro collections with all 44 System solutions of these two series and with revolutionary TEKLA 44 home automation elements with KNX technology.

The AVE England Style 44 toggle switches are the best choice for classic and vintage interiors. To rediscover the value of time it’s now sufficient to raise or lower a toggle: the classic becomes eternal.

For those who would rather have more modern solutions, AVE also offers the innovative New Style 44 toggle concepts with glass, aluminium and Corian® front plates.

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