Mini Touch Screen: small but stronger

Mini touch screen TS01

Mini Touch Screen: small but stronger

Hidden behind an elegant color LCD 4.3", the new Ave’s Mini-Touch Screen chooses the design and an advanced technology: everything at a highly competitive price that allows it to be inserted into any environment. From the small flat to a residential villa, this device aims to bring home automation to every home.

Designed to meet every requirement of interior design, the Touch Screen TS01, as well as performing all the functions of DOMINA plus home automation system, it integrates solutions that allow it to get into any furnishing solution.

Thanks to its small size (with an encumbrance of only 11,6 cm long and 12,65 cm high) the Touch Screen 4,3” can be inserted and properly oriented in every room. The compatibility with 3+3 plates of Ave’s Sistema 44 makes it suitable for integration into any furniture solution giving to user a large choice between glass plates (Vera), metal (Zama) or polymer (Personal) ones.

To accommodate the different needs of users and installers, the DOMINAplus Supervisor 4,3” can be oriented and work both horizontally or vertically. So architects and installers are able to offer a solution that satisfy all types of customers.

Through a graphical interface with icons and an interactive menu you have the ability to control your home in a comfortable and completely intuitive way. Simply touching an icon you can handle the most basic functions such as lighting control (on / off), adjust the brightness through a dimmer, the multi-zone temperature or air conditioners management (through a special IR interface), up to more complex ones such as the supervision and control of intrusion detection systems, the opening and closing of the main electric drive systems (roller shutters or motorized curtains), monitor the consumption of electricity, water and gas (through a load control device) or activate preset scenarios in order to re-create the ideal ambience according to different situations.

In addition to supervision functions, thanks to an external temperature probe, the Mini Touch Screen can act as an home automation programmable thermostat allowing a complete management of the thermal zone where is placed. Through an appropriate configuration of Ethernet network, it’s also possible to extend the operating range of this unit giving the ability to set daily thermal profiles, scenarios, timers and enabling the management of configurable commands that you can handle either locally, using your home PC, or remotely via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The TS01 is a real interactive control center that allows to manage home automation system easily with a finger. Ave has managed to present a product that excels in flexibility, user experience and design: the best technology at the lowest price.