AVE video intercom: a smart and stylish touch for the home

AVE video intercom: a smart and stylish touch for the home

AVE video intercom: a smart and stylish touch for the home

Innovative, integrated and elegant. It’s the new AVE video intercom system, that has been designed to give a smart and stylish touch to the home. Thanks to the aesthetic coordination with the AVE System 44 wiring accessories and front plates, the system possibilities expand, allowing you to create cutting-edge solutions and revolutionary smart homes.

Starting from the "Viva-Voce" Touch Screen, that is the largest video-intercom station in its category thanks to its 10" interactive display, AVE has characterized its video intercom systems with simple and clean lines that integrate well into any residential environment. Available with black front plate (Cod. TS10N-V) or in total white version (Cod. TS10B-V), its refined design with bi-material structure in aluminium and glass is an added value for installation opportunities. In fact, this device is capable of giving a touch of class within the environments in which it’s inserted, giving the home a modern and hyper-technological mood - the same of outdoor video intercom range. Available in versions for single, two and four-family homes, the “Villa” design external units exhibit an aluminum and glass frame with Sensitive Touch front, while the “Vandal-proof” models are characterized by a robust and resistant metal structure.

Aesthetic coordination between electrical system and AVE video intercom

With AVE you can satisfy every need and ensure perfect aesthetic coordination between the electrical system and the video intercom. AVE video intercom system relies on the countless AVE System 44 solutions, which features different series of switches, sockets, thermostats, wiring accessories, and a wide range of front plates in metal, glass, wood, aluminium and Corian®, moulded or customizable ones.

If you want characterize your projects with an original touch, there are available also AVE Touch switches, with front plates in glass, aluminium and moulded, and the iconic AVE Style collections, which reinterpret the ON/OFF toggle system combining it with front plates in glass, aluminium, Corian® and wood.

NOTE: It requires an Internet connection. Controlling certain devices and features requires a compatible smart device. Controlling devices such as home appliances requires compatible smart plugs, devices and/or switches. Subscriptions may be required, and additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply; they don’t depend on AVE S.p.A. AVE S.p.A. declines any responsibility regarding the internet connection because service’s supply isn’t its competence. AVE S.p.A. disclaims any responsibility related to the incorrect use of the AVE Cloud and AVE Connect services. We recommend to contact a professional in order to achieve a perfectly done system’s configuration.