Move 2015

About This Project

AVE was a protagonist even the 2015 Professional Fair of Tourism and Universal Hospitality. AVE stand proposed intelligent solutions studied to improve the quality of life of the disabled or marginalised who often have to renounce travelling due to the lack of appropriate services. Highly customisable with words and symbols that are reproduced indelibly on the surface of the front plate, the controls of AVE’s Wiring Accessories Series Allumia compensate for visual, motor and hearing deficiencies. The technology integrated by AVE Touch brushed aluminium front plates only requires the user to lightly touch a surface to control the associated functions. For instance, the light can be switched on by merely touching the control, which can be instantly recognised even in the dark with its blue LED light. A slight hollow on the plate’s surface allows to identify the exact point, while a light “tic sound” confirms that the switch is either turned on or off. Ave has always promoted hospitality without barriers and, even at this event, it proposed solutions to encourage accessible tourism by converging sustainability, technology and design.