House Boat – Puntaldìa (OT)

House Boat – Puntaldìa (OT) Interruttore bianco Domus 100 AVE Interruttori design AVE Placche bianche design AVE Placche Young design AVE Presa bianca placca Young Presa design bianca AVE

About This Project

House Boat is a project born from the inventiveness of the famous architect Simone Micheli. In just 65 square meters, this flat overcomes the traditional concept of luxury, orienting it towards the needs of contemporary man. To do this, it was decided to eliminate the superfluous and introduce innovative details and technologies, such as AVE Young 44 front plates. Ultra-thin and with an unprecedented aesthetics, these plates in white moulded make accessible design adding value the electrical system, that becomes a concrete part of the overall project. The tension towards white, which expands and expands the spaces, is also taken up by the elements inside the plates: with AVE Domus 100 the switch remains clean and essential, as well as the sockets, always ready to meet the technological needs of its inhabitants. Presented for the first time to FuoriSalone 2018 through the virtual exhibition named "The Precious Apartment in Puntaldìa", House Boat is today the symbol of a new way of conceiving spaces in Puntaldìa, an Italian beautiful location in Sardinia.   Photo credits: Juergen Eheim