Hotel 4 Stagioni Bardolino (VR)

About This Project

The Veronese banks of Lake Garda are the site of this sophisticated hotel. Situated in the historical city centre of Bardolino, Hotel 4 Stagioni offers an exclusive spa and equally refined spaces. Each room is artfully furnished to ensure the utmost comfort and the best solutions. Hotel 4 Stagioni has installed convenient AVE card readers to offer its guests high quality service, both in terms of functional features and aesthetics. Besides ensuring high safety standards, these devices are designed to appear as precious elements. To access their rooms, guests have to merely touch their card on the clean, linear surface of these readers. Moreover, their clear white colour perfectly matches Ave’s Wiring Accessories Series Domus, whose design turns socket outlets and control points into genuine furnishing elements. With AVE’s devices, Hotel 4 Stagioni is the ideal holiday resort for couples or even to merely relax, enjoying high comfort standards and the scenic view of Lake Garda.