Multi-Touch Control: technology and design

Multi-Touch Control: technology meets design

Multi-Touch Control: technology and design

Designed to give elegance and comfort to any room, the Multi-Touch device developed by Ave is a solution that integrates advanced technology and a prestigious design for a personalized forniture. The crystal plates are available in five colors (Clear white, Clear absolute black, Frosted silver gray, Clear Pompeian red and Frosted water green) and can be customized to adapt to each residential environment through a dedicated software available on

Result of a continuous research to meet and satisfy the user and a more sophisticated, prestigious and versatile use, the new modular multi-touch device has up to six independent controls and can be customized by the user according to his tastes and living requirements.

On the surface of the pure and essential plates stands out the blue LEDs that drive the user to the commands with the touch technology even in the dark. The Ave’s multi-touch control can be mounted on special boxes for high precision completely wall-lined installation and is available both in the traditional and home automation version. The commands so enable the control of lights or rolling shutters and to interface with the other components of the home automation system.

The evolved technology and its elegant design enhance the new Ave’s Multi-touch Control, while the user customization helps to make it a real piece of furniture.