In-wall USB: make your charge beautiful

Alimentatore usb Ave

In-wall USB: make your charge beautiful

Designed to facilitate the recharging of electronic devices, the in-wall USB charger is an effective way to bury unsightly portable chargers, embellishing the electrical system with a solution that combines design and technology with maximum convenience and safety.

With Ave you can forget those bulky power supplies. The USB charger is fitted with two 1.2A USB power sockets that allow the user to quickly and simultaneously charge two electronic devices (smartphone, tablet and IPad etc.) by simply connecting them to the wall outlet.

 Available in two modules suitable for Ave 44 system of wiring accessories series (Domus Touch, Life Touch and Allumia Touch), this product is a practical solution in home and is indispensable for those hotels that want to offer an optimal service to its guests, who no longer have to worry about the standard electrical outlets. Thanks to the presence of an universal connector (Keystone), ), the device can also be installed on all main recessed  residential ranges, making it suitable for a wide range of home furnishing.

The USB charger offered by Ave is an unique and versatile product that combines innovation and high technology with an original smart design.